The History of the ensemble “Sakhioba”

The ensemble “Sakhioba” was founded on 17 January in 2006. The reason of foundation was the grate love of Georgian folk songs and church chanting from each member of the group. The leaders of the ensemble are: Teacher of Georgian folk music chair of Vano Sarajishvili’s state conservatoire and the leader of Anchiskhati church group Malkhaz Erqvanidze. The idea of the foundation was arise between the students of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary. Distinct reason to realize their wishes was the experience of the ensemble “Anchiskhati”, which is often used by ensemble “Sakhioba” during studding old songs.
At first the members of the group studied simple variants of church chanting. A grate merit for this has the teacher of chanting of Sioni parish school – Lia Salakaia. She helped them to became the beginner chanters. After that by the leadership of Anchiskhati group leader Malkhaz Erqvanidze and chanter Vasil Tsetskhladze they studied the chants of “Gelati school”. As well as to reestablish old, forgotten songs is the grate national done, the group decided to take part in it.
As it was told already, the initiators of the foundation of the ensemble were the students of Tbilisi Theological Academy and Seminary: Revaz Shanidze, George Gvimradze, Josef Kopaleisvili, Valerian Tsiklauri and David Batirashvili. Lately they were connected by other persons: the chanters of Kldisubani church of St. George - David Shukakidze and Elguja Narimanashvili; from Betania monastery - David Jamrishvili and from the Mama Daviti church - Vladimer Shonia.
Before the last face of the ensemble there was 40 members group under the leadership of Vasil Tsetskhladze (the member of the ensemble “Anchiskhati”, which lately was formalized in 12 members ensemble.
The ensemble “Sakhioba” tries to take pert for reestablishing old Georgian music voices. Also group’s goal is to sing Georgian songs in old stile and to decide the question of intonation. By concerts, visiting other countries, records and est. group tries to make popular the presentation of Georgian folk in direct forms.
“Sakhioba” is an old Georgian word and means direct, sweet sounded music as by voice as by instruments (as in chanting as in singing). The name is not accidental, ensemble dose its bests to prove its name.