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Highest Dividend Stocks 2022

high dividend stocks 2022

And, indeed, the dependable and defensive nature of Clorox’s business has allowed the company to raise its annual dividend for more than four decades. The most recent hike came in July 2022 with a 2% bump to $1.18 per share per quarter. Either way, those regular bumps to the dividend have helped NDSN become a long-time market beater. Indeed, shares have outperformed the broader market on an annualized total return basis over the past one, three, five, 10, 15 and 20 years. Chevron (CVX) is an integrated oil giant that also has operations in natural gas and geothermal energy.

  • VICI Properties’ growing income has enabled it to increase its dividend in all five years since its formation.
  • The company also expects to increase its payout at a 5% to 9% annual pace over the long term.
  • American Water Works is the largest U.S. water and wastewater utility.
  • Investors such as Benjamin Graham required that stock dividends at least keep pace with inflation.
  • CL last raised its payment in March 2023, upping the quarterly distribution by 2.1% to 48 cents per share.

As Treasury rates surpass the average dividend yield of stocks in the S&P 500 index, some investors may flee from individual stocks to lower volatility investments. However, dividend-paying stocks can offer comparable yields with the possibility of dividend growth and capital appreciation. In this article I present AAII’s strategy that uses the dividend-yield approach to invest during volatile markets. Our High Relative Dividend Yield screening model has shown solid long-term performance, with an average annual gain since 1998 of 8.8%, versus 6.3% for the S&P 500 over the same period. For example, in 2016 when copper prices hit a seven year low, the quarterly dividend was slashed as low as 3 cents per share.

High-Yield Monthly Dividend Stocks: LTC Properties (LTC)

The REIT, which pays a monthly dividend, has made more than 635 consecutive payments. Even better, it has increased its payout more than 100 times since its initial public offering in 1994, expanding it at a 4.4% compound annual rate. Brookfield Renewable is a sibling company of Brookfield Infrastructure. This Brookfield entity focuses on renewable energy, including hydroelectric, wind, solar, and energy storage facilities. The assets generate steady cash flow backed by long-term power purchase agreements with utilities and other end users, supporting Brookfield’s high-yield dividend.

The screen then looks for companies that have paid a dividend for each of the last seven years and have never reduced their dividend. It’s one of the largest helium and hydrogen producers in the world, and a leading materials stock. The Motley Fool has positions in and recommends NextEra Energy.

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At the time of publication, OMF stock is rated as an “A” in Dividend Grader. Biopharmaceutical stocks featured prominently in many portfolios starting in 2020. A high number of these were speculative plays, rolling the dice on startups hoping that they would win the race to develop a Covid-19 vaccine.

high dividend stocks 2022

West Pharmaceutical Services (WST) was added to the Dividend Aristocrats in January 2021 in recognition of its long history of annual increases. Essex Property Trust (ESS), which was added to the Dividend Aristocrats in 2020, is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that invests in apartments primarily on the West Coast. International Business Machines (IBM), a component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, isn’t quite as illustrious as it once was. Consumer-staples company Church & Dwight (CHD) might not ring a bell with many retail investors, but they’re certainly familiar with many of its wares. Arm & Hammer, OxiClean and Waterpik are just a few examples among dozens of its household brands.

Cincinnati Financial

I am not expecting that these 10 companies will hit the forecasted returns. All of the selected stocks this month appear to be potentially undervalued based on dividend yield theory. Of course, neither dividend-oriented strategy excels in every market climate.

Although it cut its dividend from 8 cents to 7 cents per month (84 cents annually, 10.2% yield), this amount continues to exceed its earnings. The share price peaked in mid to late 2021 and came crashing down in early 2022. During the past year the price has improved a little but dividend yield theory still suggests the stock is undervalued. As shown below the stock is offering above average yields today compared to 7 year averages. Despite rising interest rates and stubborn inflation, equities are proving to be resilient in 2023. June capped off a strong finish to the first half of the year, the SPDR S&P Trust ETF (SPY) added 6.48% during the month and is up 16.80% year-to-date.

The 7 Best High Yield Stocks Now

In 2022, Targa processed approximately 4.9 billion gallons of liquified petroleum gas (LPG) exported outside the U.S. He’s also written for Esquire magazine’s Dubious Achievements Awards. Property and casualty insurer Cincinnati Financial’s (CINF) offerings include life insurance, annuities, umbrella insurance and a wide range of business insurance products. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), founded in 1886 and public since 1944, operates in several different segments of the healthcare industry.

high dividend stocks 2022

Earnings growth above the industry average suggests that the company’s profitability should be able to support higher dividends in the future. Both characteristics increase the possibility that dividends may be raised in the future, but they do not guarantee it. Lower levels of debt allow for more cash to be available for dividend payments as less cash needs to be used to service debt. Comparing debt levels to the industry median allows the strategy to adjust to differing capital requirements. It is used to signal whether a company is trading at a discount compared to its historical range. Higher yields signal a lower valuation, though other measures such as the price-earnings ratio should also be considered.

The timing seems good, as TROW has dropped a lot but seems to be finding a base now. VZ (4.76%) and GILD (4.72%) offer the highest forward yields, while TROW (15.2%) and AMGN (12.0%) have the highest 5-year DGRs. The effect of the scoring change is that stocks not covered by VL are no longer penalized excessively. Still, I’m penalizing them a little bit by limiting their maximum score to 23 points. To address this shortcoming, I’m changing how I calculate quality scores when VL doesn’t cover a stock. In such cases, I’m multiplying the stock’s quality score by 23÷15 (and ignoring the decimal digits in the result).

A below-average payout ratio and solid outlook for long-term earnings growth should keep the dividend increases coming. PPG’s last raise came in July 2022 with a 5.1% bump in the quarterly distribution to 62 cents per share. Kimberly-Clark has raised the annual payout for 51 consecutive years. In January 2023, the board of directors approved a 1.7% increase in the quarterly dividend to $1.18 a share. KMB generated $1.9 billion in levered free cash flow for the 12 months ended Dec. 31, 2022.

True, the Dividend Aristocrats index likewise finished the year in the red, but it held up far better than the broader market. The good news is that you don’t have to have a finance background to do the research you need to evaluate a dividend stock. The best recession-proof stocks can withstand high inflation and rising interest rates that threaten to push the economy into a downturn in 2023. The stocks meeting the criteria of the approach do not represent a “recommended” or “buy” list.

What Makes a Stock a Good Dividend Stock?

In periods of high inflation, dividend stocks have recorded strong performance relative to the broader market. Companies that hold long dividend growth track records are particularly popular in this regard. Dividend growers and initiators delivered an annual average return of 10.4% from January 1973 to December 1984, as reported by Sterling Capital. During the same period, non-dividend stocks returned 5.1% annually. The report also mentioned that dividend growers outperformed their peers when inflation ranged between 4% to 13% annually over the past five decades. However, it is more important to judge stocks based on their dividend yields rather than the absolute dividend amount.

Bemis, which fell out of the S&P 500 Index and thus the Aristocrats in 2014, rejoined by merit of its merger with Amcor. That payout has been on the rise for 39 consecutive years and has been delivered without interruption for 79. Most recently, Brown-Forman last upped the quarterly ante in November 2022, by 9% to 20.55 cents per share.

My watchlist has a bigger focus on growth and therefore tends to underperform when market sentiment is poor but it outperforms when market sentiment is favorable. Since over the long term positive market periods last longer than negative market periods, I am optimistic my watchlist will catch-up and surpass VYM in due time. Just as the world’s demand for plastics and chemicals has never abated, neither has LyondellBasell’s commitment to rewarding shareholders with regular, quarterly dividend payments. While the stock may not be a good pick for a growth portfolio, Gilead pays shareholders a regular quarterly dividend.

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