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LimeFX :: Choose your bonus

LimeFX no deposit bonus

If you’ve had any experience with any of the mentioned bounces or have any points of view, feel free to drop a comment under this post. According to the above calculation, you receive 5% of the difference as a bonus which is $200 — 5% of $4000. Second, in the formula for the calculation of lots, 6 is replaced with 3. So you may receive $20000 at first and after breaking the 10% term, they reduce that to $3000. Then you decided to open a new account and get another 55%


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5 Best Forex no deposit bonuses in Nigeria.

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When the bonus is over $10000, one-third of the bonus is given to you if you trade with 0.1 lot (1 LimeFX lot) more than 10%. As the name implies, you’ll receive 55% of your deposit — so

it’s a deposit bonus. Make sure not to have any open positions before depositing

in your account after 7 days. Obviously, If you have open trades, they can’t

calculate the profit. Then you trade with this $1050 account and make another $500 profit.

$99 USD No Deposit Bonus – FreshForex

If you want to have more advantages, you can use one of the various deposit bonuses that LimeFX offers. In the mentioned example, you have to trade 600 LimeFX lots (60 lots) to release limefx reviews $200. In this case, for releasing your bonus you have to trade 460 LimeFX lots (46 lots) — 330 lots for a new bonus and 130 lots for the reaming lots from the previous bonus.

LimeFX no deposit bonus

However, it’s only in the 100% bonus agreement but I haven’t seen such a clause in the 1000bonus and when I asked customer service, I couldn’t get a solid answer. After the registration of the live account, you will be asked to fill in the application form for the 100% bonus and specify the details of your trading account. The $5,000 Forex bonus will help you to start your live forex trading career for free. And, finally, if you can complete the requirements of withdrawing the profits, you will be able to withdraw your profit.


If you want to read all of them, you can use the link at the beginning of this section. That makes sense because you’ve lost your money and now you only have the bonus to trade. $490 is your money( ) and $810 is the sum of the bonus and profit of the bonus. The ratio of your money to the sum is approximately 0.6 to 1 (490/810). For example, you trade with 1000 no deposit bonus and gain $500, then they give you $550 as a bonus. You can find the original version of LimeFX 1000bonus terms and conditions here.

  • So the bonus itself is withdrawable but of course, under

    some conditions and like 100%, there is no limitation on withdrawing the profit

    of bonus.

  • The bonus itself is not withdrawable but you can withdraw

    the profit made by it without any limitation.

  • The required lot and other rules are the ones we talked about in the 1000bonus.
  • You can use trading robots or EAs and run them in bonus accounts.
  • I think no one has ever bombarded them with these kinds of questions on details.
  • Another condition is for when the bonus is more than $2000 (for example you deposit $4000 and receive $2200 as the bonus).

As you can see, this is not a withdrawable bonus and you can’t take $1000 out of your account right away but you can trade with that and rip the profit. I registered with LimeFX and received the 1000 no deposit bonus. They accept clients from European countries but according to European regulations, they do not provide any bonuses for their European clients. You need to know and follow some terms and conditions to

release the profit and make it your own money. In case the bonus amount is over $10,000 and over 10% of trades are of less than 0.1 market lot (1 LimeFX lot, i.e. 1 pip is approximately equal to $1), the bonus can be reduced to $3,000.

Benefit from trading with us, using 7 asset classes

$ 1000 is the maximum value of the no deposit bonus. If you would like to reduce the amount of the no deposit bonus, then write to the Support Service (button below) and we will send you a link to your E-mail for crediting the bonus of the required value. To get the Welcome Bonus, you should activate your trading account through replenishing it with any amount in any convenient way. Now the difference between deposit and withdrawal is $4000. This is the bonus that both new and existing clients of

LimeFX can benefit from. The bonus itself is not withdrawable but you can withdraw

the profit made by it without any limitation.

  • This bonus should not be called a no deposit bonus at all.
  • After receiving the bonus, you can’t withdraw it and you need to trade and make profits, then you can withdraw the profit.
  • Within one week, i have raised my 1000 USD to 1100 USD so i stopped trading since it is 10% already according to the terms and conditions.
  • According to the above proportion, $625 is related to the bonus and goes by the rules of the 100% bonus and $375 belongs to your own money.
  • Hi, if you are inactive for six months, you are eligible to apply the bonus again.

If you’ve received other bounces before but you couldn’t meet the conditions for the required lot; for example, you lost the previous bonus, the remaining lots will be added to the new bonus condition. For example, if you

deposit $2000, you get another $2000. If you don’t deposit any money within 7 days, you’ll account

and the profit you’ve made turned into a demo account.

Do you have forex new bonus or promotion?

I think no one has ever bombarded them with these kinds of questions on details. There is no limitation on how much profit you can earn. For example, it can be $100, $1000, $10000, or any other amount, however, less than $100 is not important regarding the above clause. So you’d better know what turf you are going to play on so

you won’t jump out of your skin when you are told you can’t have the profit. This is where most of the naggings from the clients who’ve

made profit comes from.

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If you deposit less than that, let’s say $300, the rest of your profit will be cleared and now $300 is your profit. First off, as I said before, it’s $1000credit and it’s not withdrawable but the profit made by it can be withdrawn. Scalping is not allowed for all the following bonuses. Scalping here means the positions that are closed below 5 minutes.

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