September 1-5, 2016


Mussomeli, Italy

Performance at the Festival

“ ll Lamento del Mediterraneo”


August 19-27, 2016


Jaroslaw and lodz, Poland

Jaroslav 08/21/2016

The ensemble opened 24th international festival “Songs of Our Roots” with solo concert.


Lodz 08/25/2016

Solo concert at the international festival  “Retroperspektywy 2016


May 13th, 2016


State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia


Concert dedicated to 10th years anniversary of “Sakhioba” choir’s foundation.

   The anniversary CD and DVD albums were released.


April 14-18, 2016


Warsaw and lodz, Poland

Tour in Poland featuring 3 concerts, masterclasses, and workshops.

Oqtomber 15 – Novembr 3, 2015

Poland: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Walbrzych, Swidnica & Dzierzoniow

Tour in Poland featuring 14 concerts, masterclasses, and workshops.

April 20th, 2015

Kutaisi. Georgia

Joint concert of “Sakhioba” and local choir of Kutaisi at Kutaisi theatre of Opera and Ballet

Feb 15th, 2015

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia


Seventh annual solo concert, with the Lagusheda Ensemble from Svaneti.


April 27 – May 11, 2014

Poland: Warsaw, Suprasli, Bialystok, Wroclaw, Katowice, Walbrzych.

Debut performance tour in Poland featuring 12 concerts, masterclasses, and workshops.

Dec 1th, 2013

Batumi, Georgia.

Concert with local choir of Batumi “Feriscvaleba”.

Dec 23th, 2012

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia

Sixth annual solo concert, with guest ensemble: The Mamadaviti Church Choir.


October – November, 2012

USA, Performance-Lecture-Workshop Tour.

Performances in Kennedy Center Washington DC, Columbia University, Yale University, Amherst MA, Montpelier VT, the New England Conservatory in Boston MA, Portsmouth NH, Wesleyan University, and Princeton University.


University. The debut performance tour of the Sakhioba Ensemble was organized by John A. Graham of, an umbrella organization for events and scholarship relating to Georgian Orthodox Chant. Details and highlights of the tour are available at

The ensemble performed more than 25 concerts, workshops, and public lectures in an intensive three week tour of the Mid-Atlantic and North-Eastern United States.


November, 2011


(Cambridge, Canterbury, Totnes, Bas, Bristol, Oxford, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Manchester, and London)


Debut performance tour in Great Britain featuring 15 concerts, masterclasses, and workshops. Exclusive BBC Radio feature on the Sakhioba Ensemble.


June 17th, 2011

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia


Fifth annual solo concert.




June, 2010

Sighnaghi, Georgia

Joint performance with the American touring group, Village Harmony.





Dec. 18th, 2009

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia

Fourth annual solo concert. Guest ensemble: The Mamadaviti Church Choir.


Nov. 13th-17th, 2009

Kiev, Ukraine

Special guest performers at the International Song Festival.


June 25th, 2009

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia

concert with the Didgori Ensemble.





Nov. 27th, 2008

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia

Third annual concert with the Mizhenari Ensemble from Lower Svaneti.


June 6th, 2008

Mtskheta, Georgia

Joint performance with the American touring group, Village Harmony.





Oct. 17th-20th, 2007

Batumi, Georgia

Performance at the Batumi Song Festival.





August 3rd, 2007

Rustaveli Society Concert Hall, Tbilisi, Georgia

Joint performance with the American touring group, Village Harmony.


July 18th-25th, 2007

CROATIA: (Zagreti, Trogiri, Spliti and Ogulini)

Multiple performances at the 41st Folklore International Festival in Croatia.



June 28th, 2007

Tbilisi, Georgia

Second annual concert, in the Merab Berdzenishvili Art Centre Concert Hall.





Oct. 2nd, 2006

Opera and Ballet State Academic Theatre, Tbilisi, Georgia

The Sakhioba Ensemble is awarded a State Laureate for outstanding contribution to the preservation of Georgian folklore.


Sept. 28th, 2006

State Conservatoire, Tbilisi, Georgia

Performance at the Third International Symposium on Traditional Polyphony.


July 10th, 2006

Rustaveli Society Concert Hall, Tbilisi, Georgia


First annual solo concert.


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