Folk and sacred music ensemble “Sakhioba” was founded in 2006. The Ensemble Sakhioba is in very tight relationship with its founder Malkhaz Erkvanidze. He was leading Sakhioba for 15 years and he has done tremendous work to establish authenticable singing culture in the group. Currently, the ensemble is led by one of its members, Davit Abramishvili.

As folk singing shares close ties with church chant, the ensemble has also dedicated itself to folklore studies, including the study of traditional folk dances and instrumental music.

“Sakhioba” is an old Georgian word and means sweet sounded music.

They were detailed and precise in uncovering and preserving the essential rules and grammar of Georgian Folk and Church Music, which was defined and practiced during many centuries.

In fact, they reinstated the folk function to a Georgian music performer and established the techniques of singing in accents (dialects), which became the determining factor for the remarkable performance of Ensemble Sakhioba.

Main mission of Sakhioba Ensemble was to study Georgian medieval songs and chant music and share them to the society

The ensemble “Sakhioba” tries to take part for reestablishing old Georgian music voices. Also group’s goal is to sing Georgian songs in old style. By concerts, visiting other countries, records and etc. group tries to make popular the presentation of Georgian folk in direct forms. 

The mission of the ensemble is to make Georgian folklore popular worldwide and during their tours in different countries, they are trying to organize workshops to make these meetings more informational. They have visited: Italy, Poland, USA, UK and etc.

The country’s rich and complex polyphony is thought to date from pre-Christian times, and the Sakhioba Ensemble are reviving ancient folk songs as well as the centuries-old repertory of church music.’’

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